Board Of Directors

FLCS is governed by a twelve (12) person Board of Directors.   Approximately one half of the Directors are elected each year at our Annual General Meeting.  The terms are for two years.  You can be on the Board for a maximum of 6 years.   Our Board meets the third Thursday evening of each month except August.

The Board is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the clinic.  They are accountable to our funder, Legal Aid Ontario (LAO), for the monies provided to operate the clinic.  The Board members decide on the scope of legal services, draft policies, approve funding applications, approve staffing decisions and liaison with  government agencies, the Association of Community Legal Clinics (ACLCO) other community legal clinics and other community agencies in our catchment area.  FCLS works hard to ensure that the members of our Board of Directors reflect our community.

A brief profile of our Board of Directors

SHAMSH KARA – President of the Board of Directors:    Shamsh has been a board member for 10 years  (with a break after the 6 years in accordance with our bylaws).  He is involved in countless activities and projects in our community.  Has been the Chair of our 25th and 30th Anniversary Committees. Has a background in banking and mortgages. On March 31, 2015 Shamsh received the Don Valley West Volunteer Award.

KIRK COOPER – Vice President:    Kirk was first elected to the Board of Directors in 1995.  He has been Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary during his terms of office.  Kirk has his own private practice and specializes in immigration, real estate and wills and estates.  He has volunteered with a number of organizations and was a founding member for the clinic that became HALCO

HEATHER BRUBACHER - Treasurer: Heather is a previous board member of FCLS and served as the Treasurer.  She is a chartered accountant with years of corporate experience and an interest in community and social justice issues.  She has volunteered on a number of not for profit boards.  Currently Heather is with the Finance Department of Celestica.

VANESSA ROSE – Secretary:     Vanessa is a long time resident of Leaside. Currently she  is the project coordinator, Tower Neighbourhood Renewal for TNO.  Formerly she was assistant  to a number of city councillors for Ward 26.  She has a background in international banking.  She has been active in home & school/peer parenting programs/fundraising.

ALAN REDWAY - Director:    Alan has been an active member of our clinic since almost its conception.  He has served in a variety of executive positions and in a variety of committees of the Board over the past 30 years.   He is a former mayor of East York and former member of parliament.  He was on the Daily Bread Food Bank board for a number of years and volunteers at an Out of the Cold location.  He has been active with many other organizations over his distinguished career.  Recently Alan published a new book titled: Governing Toronto – Bringing back the city that worked.

GEOFF KETTEL - Director:     Geoff Retired from Ontario Government. He is a formar municipal Councillor candidate. Previously, he Served on the FCLS board, as board Secretary.  He is a member of  Community Services Committee.  He is very active with many community agencies/program.

TIMOTHY LEACH - Director:     Timothy was elected to the Board of Directors in 2011.  He is a lawyer in private practice specializing in refugee law.   He sits on the Corporate Resources Committee.  Timothy has participated in a number of special meetings dealing with ACLCO activities and has attended their AGM.  He recently received a volunteer award from the Province of Ontario.

ALYKHAN SULEMAN - Director: Alykhan is the Executive Director of New Circles, an agency that provides clothing and builds employment skills for residents of our neighbourhood improvement areas.  He is a social worker with extensive experience in the area of international development. His interests include advocacy and social justice issues.  He currently participates on the Community Services Committee.

PRINCE SIBANDA - Director: Prince is a resident of Thorncliffe Park and is currently a Project Director with the Toronto Community Benefits Network.  He has extensive experience in working with not for profits in the areas of research, advocacy and fundraising.  He is passionate about equity and justice issues and has a keen interest in community education, proposal writing and policy analysis.

HAFEEZ AMARSHI - Director: Hafeez is a lawyer who is working as a Crown Counsel for the Federal Government.  Prior to that he had his own law practice.  He has worked with United Nations programs in Afghanistan and was a communications officer for the United Nations.  He has volunteered with local not for profit boards.

SHOBHA OZA - Director:  Shobha is  Director of Community Engagement, at Flemingdon Health Centre. She has 20 years of work experience in non profit sector.  Currently she is a  member of the Participatory Budget Steering Committee with City Councillor Shelley Carroll's office. She has served as a Director on other community-based not-for-profit boards and is an active member of a number of collaborative community projects.

SHABNUM BUDWANI - Director:  Shabnum is employed as a senior manager  development industry. She has been employed for many years as senior manager in non profit sector in the area of employment. She was previous board member of York Community Services, Unison Health and Community Services, and Council member with the Ontario College of Teachers.  Shabnum resides in Flemingdon Park and has knowledge of the community.