FCLS provides summary advice and legal representation in some areas of immigration.

Summary Advice:

  • Basic sponsorship advice for bringing your spouse, children or parents to Canada
  • Explains what is meant by an humanitarian and compassionate application
  • Explains the Pre Removal Risk Assessment program (PRRA)
  • Provides basic advice on the protected person process at the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)   [used to be called a refugee application]
  • Provides referrals to websites, private bar lawyers, Legal Aid Ontario for applications; other community legal clinics or university student legal clinics for areas of immigration that we do not provide service such as the skilled workers program or investors program
  • Provides referrals to settlement services with local community agencies who can help with the filling out of the application forms
  • Refers clients to Citizenship and Immigration Canada website ( and to Ontario Government Resources such as Settlement Ontario  (

Legal representation:

  • If refused a legal aid certificate for other reasons than financial for a refugee case
  • Humanitarian and compassionate cases
  • PRRA cases
  • Federal Court (usually for existing clients) including motions to stay removal

[representation depends on the workload at the clinic and the merits of the individual case]

Public Legal Education:

  • Will provide short PLE sessions to agency staff and the public on immigration topics – the agency must operate in the catchment area and the session must be conducted at a location in the catchment area

Most immigration application forms can be downloaded from the Citizenship and Immigration website.  Receipt forms and the supplementary page  of the Permanent Resident card application form must be ordered from the website to be mailed to your home address.


THE CLINIC DOES NOT HAVE THE STAFF TO ASSIST WITH THE FILLING OUT OF THE VARIOUS APPLICATION FORMS.   Clients will be referred to settlement agencies for this service.