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Public Legal Education

FCLS will partner with local agencies/organizations to set up a series of legal education sessions for local community residents within the geographical boundaries of the clinic. The legal topics usually include the areas of law in which the clinic provides service, but by using volunteer lawyers, we are able to expand the topics to include areas which are not practised by legal clinic staff.

Clinic staff will also speak to groups (e.g. tenant associations, ESL classes) as requested, as long as those groups are located in our catchment area and the areas of law are relevant to our clinic’s mandate.

In addition, depending on staff resources, we will write legal articles for local newspapers, tenant association newsletters, and other community publications.

Our Community Services Committee (CSC) also has a role to play in the development of Public Legal Education programs. Residents of the community who sit as members of the Committee are often able to identify specific local issues that   surface in the community. This can result in the Committee organizing public forums or workshops to better inform the community about these issues, or to engage the community in possible solutions to them through law reform initiatives.

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